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Shipping Information

Match Holders by Strike A Match ready for shipping

If you're a Georgia resident, and we cannot arrange a convenient pick up/drop off, we'll use first class mail.

Otherwise, for those of you outside of Georgia, we mostly ship via UPS Ground for 3 or more match holders.

This chart gives you an idea of shipping rates (including handling).

# Match Holders Price Range USD
1 3.50 to 6.95
2 6.95 to 8.95
3 8.95 to 10.95
4 10.95 to 12.95
5 12.95 to 14.95
6+ 14.95 and higher

You can use these same guidelines if you want ship these yourself. Just use plenty of cushioning, write Fragile/Glass on the box, and you'll be fine.

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