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Frequently Asked Questions

Strike a Match reviewed by Cheap Is The New Classy

Photo courtesy of Cheap Is The New Classy

Do the strikers and sheets work with safety matches?
Yes, they work with safety matches and strike-anywhere matches.

Are the striker sheets actually just fine sandpaper?
No. This is actual match striker material imported from matchstick manufacturers. It\\'s the exact material used on matchboxes, matchbooks, etc.

How long do the strikers last?
Your strikers should outlast the matches that come with the vase. However, sometimes it depends on how often you light your candles, incense, cigars, etc.

Do the striker shapes only come in versions of black and brown?
Yes. That\\'s due to the chemical nature of phosphorus. Believe me, if I could get the strikers in different colors, I would!

Can you do custom striker shapes?
Yes. I use a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine to create all kinds shapes and letters, just not too small or intricate because you need enough space to strike the matches, plus the material can tear easily when cutting it and/or peeling it off my cutting mat. All I need is a jpeg or gif that can be traced; you can send me your own or I can find one for you. Once we agree on a shape, I will send you samples. If you are satisfied, I charge a one-time $15 custom design fee to the final order.

Why is the shipping cost so high for the striker sheets?
I use a thick cardboard mailer to protect the sheets and keep them flat. This adds weight and changes the package class (vs a regular flat envelope), which in turns costs more to mail. However, if you don\\'t care if sheets might get bent during shipping, I can package them in a regular flat envelope which brings the shipping cost down a little but tracking may not be available. For US customers, the shipping doesn\\'t decrease that much, but for overseas customers, the difference is significant. Further, if you order a lot of sheets, the weight alone will drive the shipping cost back up, regardless of packaging. On my Etsy shop, message me or request a custom order with the number of sheets you want (and which colors), and I will calculate shipping for you.

Why don\\'t you offer expedited shipping as a check out option?
I simply cannot always guarantee overnight shipping. I have a regular full-time job, so while I can usually respond to messages during the day, I can only fulfill orders on nights and weekends. Further, September to December is the busiest time for both my day job *and* this business, so to manage expectations, I encourage buyers to message me about delivery times before ordering if they\\'re in a rush. I will do my best to accommodate.

Do you sell the matchsticks by themselves?
No, but message me and I will send you details on the vendors I use.

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