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Frequently Asked Questions

Strike a Match reviewed by Cheap Is The New Classy

Photo courtesy of Cheap Is The New Classy

How long does the striker last?
Your strikers should outlast the matches that come with the vase. However, sometimes it depends on how often you light your candles, incense, cigars, etc.

Can I get more replacement strikers?
You can order more strikers from our Etsy store.

I already have a favorite container for my matches, but the striking surface has worn out. Do you sell the strikers by themselves?
Yes, you can order strikers without our containers at our Etsy store. We even sell replacement strikers for the containers that house long fireplace matchsticks. They come in circles and squares, ranging from 1" to 2".

Is this dangerous for me to mail as a gift?
No. These are strike-on-box safety matches that are available in your local supermarket. They are different from strike-anywhere matches that can be struck on any rough surface and are more dangerous. Just use plenty of cushioning and write Fragile/Glass on the package. Please click on our Shipping page for more details.

Do you only sell green, burgundy, and white matches?
These colors are the easiest ones for us to buy right now. We will be able to offer a rainbow of colors eventually.

Do the striker shapes only come in black or brown?
Yes. That's due to their composition, which is mostly sand, powdered glass, and a small amount of a 'red phosphorus' chemical. Believe me, if we could make the strikers in different colors, we would!

Do the strikers only come in the shapes featured on this site?
No, we use an electronic cutting machine to make the shapes, so we can cut a silhouette of almost anything. Keep in mind, that shapes can't be too intricate or small because 1) you need enough space to strike the matches, and 2) the striker paper tears easily. Regarding letters, we use thick fonts like Arial Black or Other Examples.

Is this product Made in the U.S.A.?
This product is designed and assembled in the U.S.A. By the definition laid out by the FTC, we cannot legally claim it's "Made in the U.S.A." because significant parts of it, namely the glass vase and striking surface, are imported. The green and burgundy matches ARE manufactured in the U.S.A., but in the future, the rainbow of colors we want to offer will also be imported.

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