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About Us

Strike a Match reviewed by Cheap Is The New Classy

Photo courtesy of Cheap Is The New Classy

I have been a candle and incense lover for years and have always preferred using matches to light them.

While browsing pottery at an art festival in Atlanta in 1994, I saw these neat handmade oil warmers and incense holders, and I thought "what if" there was something similar to hold my matches and have a striking surface of some kind.

Fast forward through several years of research and experiments, discovering the world of antique match holders and strikers, learning more about match production than I ever wanted to know, and *most* importantly -- finding the right containers I was looking for and matchstick manufacturers that sold sheets of match striking surface -- and here we are.

That of course is a very condensed version of how this all went down, but bottom line, persistence is what got these match holders to the market. I have been in business since the summer of 2011 and looking forward to connecting to more and more match lovers each year.

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